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HOOD Apparel is a clothing
company made specially for the
Hiphoppa in mind. Which
includes a wide genre of people
from many different lands and
kultures. From our HOOD to
your HOOD.

If you have ever been worried
about not having a place to
hide your valuable possessions
while traveling or gettin
searched while going into a club.
Also in case you're robbed,
pulled over or anything else that
may involve losing personal
items. This is why HOOD
Apparel was created. With our
one of a kind patented stash
pocket in The HOOD you will
not have to stress on losing
your bless.

The MAGIC Convention in Las
Vegas was a success. Of course
we were inconspicuous up in the
place to be. A lotta retailers inc.
sk8er, surfer,bmx, head shops &
Hiphop shop owners have
placed orders for our products.
Look for a HOOD near you.

Store locations on where to find
HOOD Apparel will be placed
up shortly. You can also
buy them from us by clicking
the Pricing and retailers link.

The question is,
are you HOOD?


For the Hood,
By the Hood,
With the
stash pocket
in the Hood!